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Monsters University is the prequel to Monsters, Inc. It covers the back story on how Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan, "Sulley", came to be friends and eventually the top scarers. The movie starts out following Mike Wazowski; it has all ways been Mike's dream to attend Monsters University and become a scarer but mishap and mayhem follow when Mike meets Sulley. Sulley is a Legend because his family has all attended Monster University, but when Sulley arrives it becomes clear that he would rather be elsewhere. After the two meet, they become natural rivals. Sulley is considered a "jock" at the University and Mike is a know-it-all.

Both Mike and Sulley are always trying to outdo each other and because this rivalry gets out of control they both end up getting kicked out of Monsters University elite Scare Program. Both end up blaming each other for being kicked out of the program but then they realize that only through the power of team work will they have the chance to make things right. By working together with a group of misfit monsters, both Mike and Sulley are able to bring down the biggest coup in school history.

Monsters University introduces you to many characters that are both new and old. There are many characters that you will recognize from the original movie, Monsters, Inc. The movie covers their beginnings and how they all came to be the monsters that we know and love today. Monsters University then introduces us to many new characters. These characters help make the story, so we understand what all happened to bring Mike and Sulley together; to bring them out of their glorious rivalry and into their long lasting friendship.

Monsters University is sure to be enjoyable for the whole family. Monsters University is full of laughter and is sure to keep you on edge just trying to figure out what comes next! If you remember watching the original Monsters Inc. growing up as a kid then you will be sure to enjoy Monsters University.

Helen Mirren, Sean Hayes, Alfred Molina, Tyler Labine, Nathan Fillion
Dan Scanlon
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