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| 2 hr 30 min

Ramji (Madhavan), a village cook from Palakkad, goes to Australia to become a chef at a multi-millionaire Indian's home. Unfortunately, the millionaire dies of indigestion the day Ramji arrives, leaving him jobless and without his visa, which had been stolen. Desperate to stay and earn, he starts working illegally as a cook in an Indian hotel owned by an NRI Badri (Sriman), but to stay on, he needs to get legal as the immigration police are after him. A solution comes up when Damayanthi (Geetu Mohandas), a free-spirited motorbiker chick of Sri Lankan descent and the wife of Badri's friend Ivan (Bruno Xavier) agrees to marry the docile cook for a price. Constant stalking by the police, forced the couple to stay together to avoid detection by authority. Soon enough they fall in love with each other. Eventually Ramji is captured during interrogation and sent back to India. Damayanthi follows Ramji to Tamil Naadu. The movie ends with a happy note where couple starts off a restaurant.

Madhavan Geetu Mohandas Nassar Kamal Hassan Jayaram
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Nala Damayanthi