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Based on a novel, the movie "On the road" brings you back to the good old days of America. This movie brings you back to a time, when getting on the road to explore the country doesn't seem like a bad idea. As the movie follows the life story of three teenagers trying to find their identity, it might get a little confusing as the movie progresses. The story line becomes quite clear that this movie is about a road trip, and as such gets into a mundane feel. However, along their drive the movie starts to bind all the characters together.

Playing opposite's roles are two males, whom in all essence are two sides of a coin. While you are watching the movie, it will be very hard to tell if the budding writer wants to continue being in the company of his friend. The real mystery will be between the seductive female that is along for the ride. No one can tell for sure, if the tension between the both of them leads to anything worth mentioning in the future. The lines are blurred when it becomes clear that she is trying very hard to either copy his actions, or trying to get in his bed.

Being the observer throughout the movie, many people can relate to the feeling of seeing your friends do things they shouldn't have. It is a little sad that most of the time he is drowned out in the background, but that is to be expected. Although, the movie tries to bring him into a more active role during certain times, he is quickly overwritten and left to be forgotten in the background. Over time this results in a rift that starts to develop between the two friends, but nothing much comes from this problem.

Overall it really is hard to try to portray the lifestyle of the past, but one thing is for sure the movie is not lacking in vintage cars that will bring back memories for some people. Jazz music feels the screen at the correct time, to bring out how important the music culture was during that time. However, the best part of the movie, which seems to bring it all together, is the lighting that brings back the era that has long passed. While this movie might not be fast paced or filled with action, it is a movie to watch if you want to relive the good old days of America.

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Garrett Hedlund, Sam Riley, Kristen Stewart, Kirsten Dunst, Viggo Mortensen
Walter Salles
On the Road
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