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| | 1 hr 52 min | Comedy, Music, Romance

Pitch Perfect is a fine example of how A Capella concerts can be presented on the silvery screen without much interference from a pesky plot line. Most music lovers will enjoy this one as the popular unaccompanied vocal form is showcased along with many new talents. This is primarily a clean cut version of college with only passing mention of troubling topics. Parents should feel comfortable taking mature children to listen as a nearly all white bread cast sings in beautiful harmony. The pitch in Pitch Perfect is that college students are actively engaged in dueling vocals as they belt out choral renditions of several contemporary, as well as a few classic, hits. Pitch Perfect should be number one with a bullet in a perfect world.

Rated PG-13 and having a run time of one-hour-and-52-minutes, this is a movie that is appropriate for the Barbie Doll generation and the date night crowd. There are only hints of panty raid type college behavior when most films featuring this age group have blatant sex scenes. Language includes that word that only a veterinarian is allowed to use in polite society. Basically though, the average person will not find much objectionable about this film. Still though, if the average family includes those who want no bad language or sexuality in their movies, a computer animated film may be preferable.

This film may in fact have such quality vocal performances to be considered a vehicle for such. Front and center performances by unfamiliar faces who release, well, perfect pitch are nonstop elements. High School choir departments will not just flock to see the film; they will probably be ordering the sheet music. Perfect Pitch stays an octave above the rest in a musical sense but struggles like a banshee to avoid a PG rating. That would, obviously, be death at the box office. It succeeds in staying just a hair shy of squeaky clean in plot and situation. That's a fine line to be sure since there are those who say Barbie is too sexy and toy makers have capitalized on that fact for over 50 years.

But the plot is a simple creative difference between factions in a college A Capella group and most viewers will not lose sleep after seeing it. Some elements of bullying are evident but the outcome is sweet music for those weary of too much real life tragedy. It will be hard to leave the theater without singing at least one of the songs from this soundtrack, however. A comedy to be sure but also an amazingly talented list of vocal performances is to be found in Pitch Perfect: a fine tribute to the most challenging musical form, A Capella.

Anna Kendrick, Skylar Astin, Rebel Wilson, Ben Platt, Brittany Snow
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'Pitch Perfect 2' Trailer Is Basically 'Mighty Ducks 2' But With Singing

Get your cups ready...the first trailer for "Pitch Perfect 2" is here! The trailer brings us our first detailed look at the new movie and what's going on with our favorite a capella group, the Bellas. The short version is: lots of singing. Here's the story: The Bellas are back on campus and still super close, but they have a big challenge coming up. They're set to compete in the worldwide a capella championship, and as Gail and John (played perfectly by Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins) explain, the American team has never won before.

Anna Kendrick 'Excited' for 'Pitch Perfect 2!'

"Pitch Perfect" fans rejoice! News is out that a sequel is in the works, and it just gets better and better. For example, Elizabeth Banks has signed on to direct (her directoral debut). Banks made an appearance in the first flick as a judge. Star Anna Kendrick, of course, will be back as Becca of the a cappella group The Barden Bellas. Skylar Astin is also set to return to his role of Jesse, and Rebel Wilson will be reprising everyone's favorite, Fat Amy. "@AnnaKendrick & myself: 2 Girls, 1 CUPS, in Pitch Perfect 2" Wilson tweeted.

'Pitch Perfect 2' Signs On Acapella Group Pentatonix - Watch All Their Best Performances!

File this one under "of course they are": Pentatonix is going to be in "Pitch Perfect 2!" The "Pitch Perfect" sequel will obviously be needing more acapella talent to face off against the Barden Bellas, and it definitely has it now. Pentatonix has officially shot a scene for the movie, spending a 12-hour day on set performing a yet-to-be-revealed song that they arranged themselves. If you were hoping to see some acting from the acapella group, we have bad news: They don't have any dialogue.

'Pitch Perfect' Sequel Set to be Released in 2015

“Pitch Perfect 2” has been officially announced after much speculation, and given the release date of 2015. The movie will follow the wildly popular “Pitch Perfect”, though there are no known plot details. The first film followed the story of Freshman Beca (played by Anna Kendrick) and her journey to revolutionize her university’s all female a cappella group and bring them into the 21st century. The first film was a financial and critical success, averaging an 81% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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See Anna Kendrick's Amazing Cup Trick from 'Pitch Perfect'

Anna Kendrick is such a good actress that she has already been nominated for an Academy Award in her mid-20's. She's such a good singer that she's starring in the new musical comedy "Pitch Perfect," which saw a limited release last weekend and expands this weekend. But forget about all that stuff. Just look at what she can do with a cup! Kendrick showed up on "Late Show with David Letterman" to talk about her movie, and Letterman revealed the part of the movie that he found to be most impressive: a musical number in which Kendrick accompanies herself a capella with a plastic cup.

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