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Quantum of Solace shows Bond seeking revenge for the death of his former girlfriend. He starts by kidnapping Mr. White, a member of the Quantum organization, and alongside M (Dench) questions him about quantum. During the interrogation, M's bodyguard attacks her. In the shock, Bond manages to kill the bodyguard, but White escapes. While researching the bodyguard, Bond ends up in Haiti following a lead.

Bond uncovers a plan hatched by an "environmentalist", Dominic Greene (Amalric), to help a General from Bolivia overthrow the government while in exchange giving Greene some land. Bond also discovers that Greene is trying to kill his lover, Camille Montes (Kurylenko).

Bond recues Montes, and tracks Greene to Austria. Bond interrupts Quantum's meeting, and chaos breaks loose. This time an advisor to the Prime Minister is killed. After this fight, M tells Bond he needs to report back home, but he refuses. In response to his disobedience, M shuts down his passport and credit cards.

Bond goes to Mathis (Giannini), and recruits him for his mission. Upon arriving at the airport, Bond is approached by Officer Fields (Arterton) who demands that Bond returns to the UK! Bond ignores the command, seduces her and takes her as a date for a party that Greene is hosting. Bond rescues Montes again, and as they flee in Bond's car, they are pulled over by police and Mathis's dead body is found in the trunk, framing Bond. Bond and Montes are freed and fly to the land Greene is acquiring to search it. They are shot down and land in a hole. In that hole, Bond discovers that Greene will control Bolivia's fresh water supply to become rich. Bond returns to his hotel, and M is waiting and tells Bond that while he was gone that Officer Fields had been killed. She attempts to arrest Bond, but he escapes.

Bond finds out from CIA friend Felix (Wright) that Greene and the Bolivian General are meeting and Bond breeches the meeting. Bond kills the chief of police for killing his friend, Mathis, and fights Greene. During this, Camille finds and kills the General, whom had killed her family many years prior. Bond ends up besting Greene, and questions him about Quantum, then leaves him in the desert to die.

The end shows Bond finding the man responsible for his former lover's death, Yusef. Yusef is a member of quantum, and tricks women with important information to tell him. Bond hands him over to M16 for arrest, as M tells Bond that Greene was found dead.

| | 1 hr 45 min
Daniel Craig, Olga Kurylenko, Mathieu Amalric, Judi Dench, Jeffrey Wright
Marc Forster
Quantum of Solace
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