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Ramgarh Ke Sholay is a 1991 spoof film that parodies the 1975 classic Bollywood blockbuster Sholay. It was directed by Ajit Diwani. Amjad Khan who played the iconic villain Gabbar Singh in the original film returns to the role of Gabbar in this film. The film also features lookalike actors Vijay Saxena who resembles Amitabh Bachchan (who played Jai in the original Sholay) and Kishore Bhanushali who resembles Dev Anand and has imitated him in many films. The movie also contains the song "Dil Dil Hindustaan" copied from one of the Pakistani Pop hit "Dil Dil Pakistan" by "Vital signs".

Amjad Khan
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Ramgarh Ke Sholay