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| | 1 hr 34 min | Action, Horror, Science Fiction

A group of scientist known as the Umbrella board, want to capture Alice once again. Alice's blood has bonded with the T-Virus, and the hope of a cure is to be obtained through her. Evil Dr. Isaac is desperate to capture Alice for this purpose. Albert Wesker, the Umbrella board chairman denies the recapture of Alice, and instead insists on using the clones for the cure.

The survivors from Raccoon City travel together for protection. They face the zombies while seeking supplies in a motel. L.J.(Mike Epps) is bitten, and the group gets attacked by crows that are infected by the virus. Nurse Betty is killed, and all is about lost when Alice appears. She is able to save many from fire, and uses her psionic abilities to divert the fire to cover the sky, which in turn kills the crows. The leader of the convoy, Claire, is convinced to head towards Alaska with her group. Alaska is believed to be a safe zone.

The Umbrella group are able to track Alice down due to her psionic abilities. Most of the convoy is dead now due to the zombies. The convoy approaches the location of the Umbrella group by tracking their helicopter with Isaac's computer. Carlos uses his truck to plow through a mob of zombies, sacrificing himself, and destroying the zombies by blowing them up. Dr. Isaac is a mutant since injecting himself with huge amounts of the Anti-Virus. He kills all the employees, and is trapped in the lower levels of the lab.

Alice enters the facility, and is informed by a hologram that she is the cure. Alice continues down into the lower levels to contend with Dr. Isaac. A warehouse full of Alice clones are hidden below. Alice bitterly fights Dr. Isaac, and only the help of her clone saves her from being laser sliced, unlike Dr. Isaac.

The North American division of the Umbrella group is destroyed, and now Wesker tells the group that he will control everything from the Japanese location. Alice appears in hologram form, and proclaims she is coming after them with her clone army beside her.

Milla Jovovich, Oded Fehr, Ali Larter, Iain Glen, Mike Epps
Russell Mulcahy
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Resident Evil: Extinction
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