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| | 1 hr 34 min | Comedy, Science Fiction, Kids & Family

Rocketman is a film about the adventures of Fred Randall as he journeys to Mars. Fred is an excellent programmer who wrote the navigation system of the spacecraft for the first manned mission on Mars. He is accompanied by the Paul Wick, the flight director, William Overbeck, the mission commander, Julie Ford, a geologist, Ulysses, a chimpanzee and Gary Hackman, a computer specialist.

An incident happened to one of the crew for the mission to Mars. Instead of delaying the mission, NASA decided to replace him. The two candidates for the mission are Fred and Gordon Peacock.

The two went through different kinds of exams to test their physical and mental capacity for the rigors of space. In the end, Fred gets the spot.

The team then flies into space. Since the travel from Earth to Mars takes about eight months, the team has to be in "hypersleep" to save resources. However, Ulysses went into Fred's chamber to sleep, leaving him to sleep at the small chimp's chamber. Fred can't go to hypersleep, instead he does a lot of activities on the way to mars. Including painting the ceiling of the shuttle.

After eight months, the rest of the team wakes up. The commander sees Fred's mess and got furious. He then calmed down after seeing the planet Mars.

They proceeded to land to Mars and do a few walks. It was time to plant the American flag on Mars, however, Fred accidentally dropped the flag into a deep crevice. He then used his boxers since it was designed and colored like an American flag.

The team went out to get some rock samples for study, however, the Martian storm was earlier than expected. The team was caught in the storm until Fred then heroically saved them.

The lander's wirings fried because of the storm. Fred successfully rewires the wirings and they blasts off from the Martian surface.

It was time to come home to Earth. They need to sleep again in order to travel back. Ulysess takes Fred's chamber again, leaving him with Ulysses' small chamber. The movie then ends.

Harland Williams, Jessica Lundy, William Sadler, Jeffrey DeMunn, James Pickens Jr.
Stuart Gillard
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