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The story narrates two female protagonists Anushka (Tanushree) and Ahana (Udita). Anushka is married to an elderly man Ravi (Sachin). He is a widower and ties the knot with her second time after his first wife unknown death named Pooja. Anushka's mother refuses to accept their marriage. Ahana is Anushka's sister. The couple begin their journey in a new purchased home by Ravi 2 years ago. Anushka's life takes a unexpected twist. She tells this to her husband who thinks that she is only hallucinating and they decide to go back to their previous home but the horror does not seem to stop in this house either. Anushka suspects that Pooja (Ravi's first wife) is behind all of these nerve breaking incidents.
She seek the advice from a healer (Arif Zakaria) who tells her about the cursed house that who ever will pass from the shadow of that house will be cursed and die a painful death. He gives her a Yantra which can only protect her and will not free her from the curse. When Ahana tries to discover the story behind the incidents her husbnd and sister-in -law get murdered. She is also charged with the murder and taken to an asylum. She tries to reach her sister but she is unable to. By sensing a problem, Ahana starts a journey to reach her sister. In hotel where Ahana was staying she meets Ranvir (Shaad) a CBI officer who is incharge of this case.
Ranveer informs her about the charge levied on Anushka and her escape in asylum. Ranveer and Ahana together refuse to follow the same path but their destination is Anushka. Now they are cursed by the shadow of the house in the journey. As they move further they also meet the same healer who helps them to unfold the mysteries behind the house. The story continues with thrill and excitement. It slowly reveals the secret behind the cursed house.

Tanushree Dutta, Udita Goswami, Imran Hasnee, Ashwini Kalsekar, Sachin Khedekar
Rajesh Ranshinage
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