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"The Dirtiest Dancing Of Them All!"

The movie Salsa is a romantic film that follows a Puerto Rican dancer who wants to get out of poverty. Rico is a Salsa dancer and after going to work during the day he tries to win money at Salsa dance contests. His girlfriend Vicky is his dance partner. He dreams of the winning the top contest so they can rule the dance work and get on the track to fame and fortune. The owner of one of the top club notices Rico and wants to make him her partner. Rico must decide if her wants to take the fast track to the top of the dance world or stay with the woman he loves. The movie stars Robi Rosa and Angela Alvardo as the top Salsa dancers.

| | 1 hr 40 min | 4.9/10
Robby Rosa, Robi Draco Rosa, Rodney Harvey, Magali Alvarado, Miranda Garrison
Cannon Home Video
Boaz Davidson
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