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| | 1 hr 28 min | Drama, Kids & Family

The film follows a young American boy named Roy Wallace (played by Kevin Novotny) who spends his summer in a tiny fishing village on the coast of western Ireland. After a short while, unexplainable events and deeds begin to occur and rumors of ghosts sweep the village. All these things are pointing to something mysterious that is going on in a nearby cave. Roy sets out to disprove the rumor and decides to explore the cave with his new, teenage local friends Oscar (played by Gareth O'Connor) and Abbey (played by Niamh Finn). Roy faces his fears and discovers the secret of the cave.

Patrick Bergin, Kevin Novotny, Joseph Kelly, Niall O'Brien, Noelle Brown
Zach C. Gray, Zach Gray
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Secret of the Cave
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