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This film is about the story of a man named Selva, who currently lives in the colony. Selva's father, Varatharajan, is a lawyer, as well as the woman Selva has a crush on, Sangeetha, also lives in the colony alongside Selva. One day, a young woman who is the daughter of a minister moves into the colony. When Selva meets her she instantly becomes friendly with him, until a girl named Sumathi, who has a crush on Selva, become jealous of her and mistakens their friendshipwith romance. Unfortunately, the minister's daughter gets kidnapped by Vartharajan's terrorist group, which prompts Selva to rescue her. However, Selva murders his father due to Varatharajan attempting to kill his friend Sumanthi.

Vijay, Swathi
A. Venkatesh

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