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The Man Eaters are led by Queen (Betty Connell). The gang's main activity is racing each other, then having a wild orgy at their clubhouse afterward. The race determines the order in which the girls get to pick a man. One of the fastest held rules of the group is that "all men are mothers" and no Man-Eater falls in love. New initiate Karen (Christie Wagner), strains these rules as the gang finds her choosing the same man, Bill (David Harris) several times. The Man-Eaters test Karen's loyalty by making her drag a well beaten Bill from the back of her motorcycle. Karen's loyalty is tested again when her ex-boyfriend, Ted (Rodney Bidell), urges Karen to leave the gang because of the danger presented by a rival gang of hot-rodders led by a man named Joe-Boy (John Weymer).
Lewis appeared on March 27, 2008 at the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival in Buffalo, NY where his film 2000 Maniacs was played. When asked why he made She-Devils on Wheels and why it was so different from his other films, Lewis explained that at the time he was getting a lot of negative feedback on how women in his films were always violently killed. Biker movies at the time were growing in popularity and so had the idea to make a biker movie called Man Eaters On Motorcycles, with females in power dishing out the violence, which eventually became She-Devils on Wheels.
Film Quote; `We don't owe nobody nuthin', and we don't make no deals, we're swingin' chicks on motors, and we're man-eaters on wheels!'
The theme song for "She-Devils on Wheels" is "Get Off the Road", performed on the soundtrack by The Faded Blue. It was recorded by psychobilly pioneers The Cramps, but their recording is available only on bootleg(s).

Betty Connell, Pat Poston, Nancy Lee Noble, Christie Wagner, Rodney Bedell
Herschell Gordon Lewis
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She-Devils on Wheels
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