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Sleeping Beauty is a 1987 fantasy film about the things people are capable of. A kingdom's Queen is depressed and saddened because she is childless and has no hope. One day, an elf gives the Queen a magical potion to give her the power to have a baby, and she is now happily expecting a baby girl. When the beautiful newborn, Princess Rosebud, has entered the magical world, all the fairies in the kingdom are invited to Princess Rosebud's birth celebration and are expected to bring gifts for her. However, one of the nine fairies in the kingdom is not invited to this ceremony because there is only room for eight fairies. Since the Red Fairy is enraged because she is left out, she crashes the Princess's ceremony and place a curse upon her out of jealousy.

The Red Fairy's curse, where Rosebud is sentenced to an early death due to the prick of a spindle, is counter attacked by the White Fairy. The White Fairy makes this happen because she was absent at the ceremony and this will be the Princess's gift. She changes the premature death to making her sleep for a hundred years and only to be awakened by the kiss of her true love. Also, all the spindles are taken out of the kingdom, except for a forgotten one.

Over the years, Princess Rosebud grows up, and despite her confusion, no one will tell her why everyone is dressed in rags. Princess Rosebud tells her parents to go on a journey for better clothing. While the King and Queen are away, the Red Fairy tricks the Princess into pricking her finger on the forgotten spindle. The White Fairy's powers activate and put the rest of the kingdom into a deep slumber with thick vines covering the castle. A hundred years go by, and a Prince awakens Princess Rosebud with a kiss.

| | 1 hr 30 min
Tahnee Welch, Kenny Baker, Morgan Fairchild, Julian Chagrin, Sylvia Miles
David Irving
Sleeping Beauty
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