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| | 1 hr 31 min | Comedy, Drama, Horror

The film begins in a remote Hungarian military outpost, where military orderly Morosgovnyi Vendel lives a wretched existence of servitude beneath the heel of his Lieutenant, reg Balatony Klmn. Condemned to performing the menial duties of the Lieutenant and his family while sleeping in an unheated shack next to the latrines, Morosgovnyi frequently escapes into fantasy. So realistic are these fantasies that in one instance, Morosgovnyi sleeps with and impregnantes the Lieutenant's wife. Upon discovery of the affair, the Lieutenant promptly executes Morosgovnyi and raises the son, Balatony Klmn, as his own. Decades later Klmn has grown into a champion Hungarian speed eater. Coached and influenced by his father, Klmn's life revolves around training for the eventual day when the IOC recognizes speed-eating as a legitimate sport. After a heart attack at a Soviet event and elopement with fellow speed-eating champion Aczl Gizi, Klmn resumes his rigorous training, even as Gizi gives birth to their son, Balatony Lajoska. Decades later, Lajoska has grown into a dedicated, professional taxidermist. In contrast to both his parents' girth, Lajoska appears pale and impoverish, with a thin anemic frame and haunted visage. When not working from his taxidermy shop or failing in his attempts to lead a normal life, Lajoska purchases groceries for his father Klmn, who has grown so monstrously obese that he cannot leave the chair in his claustrophobic apartment. Klmn, who feeds butter to his caged cats, has nothing but harsh words for his son and who, upon reaching his breaking point, abandons his father to his own prison. Returning later, he discovers that the cats have escaped their cages and desiring meat, have eviscerated his Klmn. With little left to live for, Lajoska locks himself in a homemade surgical harness and through the use of sedatives and painkillers, begins removing his own internal organs. Pumping his body full of preservatives and sewing himself up, Lajoska activates the machine that decapitates him, leaving behind a preserved statue.

Csaba Czene, Gergo Trocsanyi, Marc Bischoff, Istvan Gyuricza, Ivan Gyuricza
Gyorgy Palfi
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