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| | 1 hr 24 min | Comedy, Thriller

Danielle, Tiffany and Brooke are the three most popular and most bitchy girls in high school. Danielle, the leader, is used to getting what she wants and what she currently wants is good looking yet lonesome ex jock Drew. Drew has been mourning over the death of his girlfriend Charity Chase for a year. Charity was believed to have committed suicide; however, this wasn't the case. Danielle, Tiffany and Brooke lured Charity to a cliff and killed her. A year to the day of Charity's death new foreign exchange student Katrina arrives. She and Drew immediately become friends and a jealous Danielle tries to do everything in her power to stop this friendship developing into love. In an attempt to get close to Drew, Danielle works at the elderly home where Drew is also working. She is assigned to look after an old lady whom she believes is in a coma. Danielle, Tiffany and Brooke use this opportunity to raid the old lady's cupboard and eat her box of chocolates. In the following two weeks, the 3 girls begin to notice that something strange is happening to them, they are receiving back pains and their hair is turning grey - to their horror they discover that they are aging at a rapid speed. They believe this has something to do with Katrina-whom they think is in fact the ghost of Charity coming back to seek revenge. The three decide the only way to regain their youth is to kill Drew and let his spirit be with Charity. On the night of Danielle's 18th birthday party, the three lure Drew to the same gorge where Charity died and attempt to shoot him. Katrina shows up and says she is not Charity's ghost. Danielle briefly ponders this but decides to shoot them both anyway. Brooke however, the kindest of all 3, says that they have gone too far and prevents Danielle from pulling the trigger. Drew disarms her and both Danielle and Tiffany overcome by back pain faint and are carried to the very old home where they recently volunteered. Tiffany is hooked on a life support machine and Danielle is barely alive. At that moment, the old woman who Danielle was meant to be caring for shows up. She reveals that she was Charity's grandmother and that while she had been briefly unable to speak, she had very good hearing and sight and overheard Danielle bragging about Charity's murder. She then reveals she poisoned the chocolate box knowing that the girls would eat it, with a chemical from her friend's husband who works in a chemical company. Danielle sticks her middle finger up at her and dies. It then shows her and Tiffany's funeral where everyone, including Drew and Katrina, who were by this time an official couple, attends. Danielle is then revealed to be in a revealing dress in a luxurious room with her youth restored. She and Tiffany are both young again and are convinced that they are in heaven. However it is revealed that they are actually in some form of hell.

Julie Benz, Nicole Bilderback, Monica Keena, Suzanna Urszuly, Jonathan Brandis
John T. Kretchmer
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The Bad Girls From Valley High