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| | 1 hr 43 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

The Baltimore Bullet is a 1980 film based on the adventures of two pool hustlers in the United States. It was directed by Robert Ellis Miller and starred James Coburn, Bruce Boxleitner and Omar Sharif. Various real-life notable professional players made cameo appearances, including Lou Butera, Willie Mosconi, Steve Mizerak, Mike Sigel and Jimmy Mataya. Many of The Baltimore Bullet's plot elements, not present in the 1984 novel The Color of Money, were lifted for the 1986 hit film by the same name. As of January 2009, the film has been released on (now out-of-print) NTSC VHS video tape, and a Region-2 (European, PAL-format) DVD, but is not presently available in other DVD regions.

James Coburn, Omar Sharif, Bruce Boxleitner, Ronee Blakely, Jack O'Halloran
Robert Ellis Miller
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The Baltimore Bullet
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