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The 2010 Bounty Hunter starring Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler is an action based comedy that is centered around a divorced couple who is on the run from not only the law but the people who are trying to kill them. Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler) is a former NYPD officer who is now a bounty hunter. Boyd is shocked, and a little thrilled, when he finds out that his next pick-up is his ex-wife. Nicole Hurley (Jennifer Aniston) is a reporter who is determined to not only solve the murder she just uncovered but pick up the pieces of her failed marriage to Milo as well. Nicole's only crime was assaulting a police officer, or in her words grazing his horse when she was in a hurry. Either way, Nicole missed her court hearing to go talk to an informant in a murder case. The judge revokes Nicole's bond and Milo goes after her happily thinking this will be one of the easiest chases he has ever had. However, Milo seems to forget how difficult getting his ex-wife to do anything can be, especially when she hates him so much.

Nicole's informant is murdered before she gets to talk to him and the killers are onto the fact that Nicole is on to them. Now Milo must not only try to get his wife to turn herself in but he must also protect her from the people who are determined to see her dead.

Before very long the couple (or non-couple) are on the run from everyone from the law to the people trying desperately to cover up a murder. Along the way the couple starts to question whether they really should have gotten a divorce and if they really might still love one another after all.

The Bounty Hunter is a hilarious look at what can happen when two people in love go on the run together to right a wrong.

Jennifer Aniston, Gerard Butler, Christine Baranski, Giovanni Perez, Jason Sudeikis
Andy Tennant
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The Bounty Hunter
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The Razzies were announced this morning, and there really aren't any surprises amongst the nominees. The Razzies are awards that signify exactly the opposite of what the Oscars represent. They are held the Saturday before the Oscars (held on a Sunday night). Sometimes, the stars who end up winning even show up as good sports to collect their awards. In previous years, Halle Berry and last year Sandra Bullock showed up and picked up their Golden Raspberry award. This year, the big nominees seem to be Jennifer Aniston and Kristen Stewart.

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