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| | 1 hr 20 min | Action, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Foreign

Zhuo Yihang awaits on a snow-capped mountain for a rare flower to blossom. Lian Nichang felt betrayed by her lover Zhuo and has since morphed into a vicious white-haired killer. She starts a feminist cult that accepts female members who were exploited by men. Among them include Chen Yuanyuan, who had been betrayed by her lover Wu Sangui. Lian vows to kill all the surviving members of the eight great sects of the Central Plains, whom have labelled her as their sworn enemy. The cult's aim is to defend the rights of all women and kill men who oppress and exploit women.
Zhuo Yihang's disciple nephew Feng Junjie is the heir to the Wudang Sect, which had been completely wiped out in the prequel film. He marries Yu Qin with the elders of the sects as the matchmakers. On their wedding night, Lian Nichang appears and kidnaps Yu Qin, leaving behind a trail of destruction and corpses. Feng survives the massacre and pledges to rescue his wife from the clutches of the Witch.
Along with the surviving descendants of the eight sects, Feng plans to infiltrate the Witch's headquarters and rescue his wife. Meanwhile, Lian has brainwashed Yu Qin through a series of rituals and made her see her husband and the eight sects as enemies. Feng Junjie and his friends fight the Witch and her followers to rescue Yu Qin but fail and many of the heroes perished. The Witch's followers pursue them back to their hideout and engage them in a bloody battle.
Eventually, only Feng and his friend were left of the group. They travel to the snow-capped mountain in search of Zhuo Yihang, who is the only person who can stop Lian Nichang from continuing with her brutal massacres. After enduring hardships, they did not find Zhuo at all on the mountain and return to the Witch's headquarters with a final attempt to rescue Yu Qin or perish in the attempt. They confront the Witch but were defeated.
At the critical moment, Zhuo Yihang finally appears and stops Lian Nichang from killing Feng. Their old flames of passion are rekindled and Lian's anger and hatred gradually subsides. Zhuo has been wounded by Lian, who used her hair to pierce through his body. If the hair strands are pulled out, Zhuo will die. Just then, Chen Yuanyuan stabs Lian Nichang for betraying the cult's principles. Lian pulls her hair out from Zhuo's body at the same time and both of them were critically wounded.
The film ends with the deaths of Zhuo Yihang and Lian Nichang, who finally forgot their past feuds and were laid to rest together as lovers. At the same time, Feng Junjie is also reunited with his wife Yu Qin, who had recovered from her trance.

Brigitte Lin, Leslie Cheung, Christy Chung, Sunny Chan, Joey Maan Yee-man
David Wu, Ronny Yu
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The Bride with White Hair 2
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