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| Thriller

Christian is a trust-fund kid who lives in L.A. He enjoys making movies, and in his current project he has his girlfriend, Tara, helping with the casting duties. However, trouble arises when one of Tara's old flames is cast for the leading role. Christian is unaware of their history, but when he finally catches on, he is overcome with jealousy. Christian's jealousy spirals out of control and sparks some cold and calculated plans. He decides to take extreme measures to get even, and eventually his mind games escalate to violence.

The Canyons is a steamy thriller with main themes including lust, jealousy, and revenge. This movie explores some of the darker sides of the human psyche.

Lindsay Lohan, James Deen, Nolan Gerard Funk
Paul Schrader
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The Canyons
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Lindsay Lohan is Back in 'The Canyons'

Lindsay Lohan's new movie, "The Canyons," opened this weekend, and it didn't make a big impression on movie-goers. The film debuted on video-on-demand at the same time, though, so all may not be lost for Lohan and her latest shot at a comeback.

Bret Easton Ellis Banned from GLAAD Media Awards

Bret Easton Ellis is not pleased that his controversial Twitter account has gotten him banned from the GLAAD Awards.

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