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The Four-Faced Liar is a film that spans six to seven months in New York City. It is a comedy/drama/romance that depicts the title as a four-faced clock that shows four different times that are all wrong. The title is also the name of a bar, named after the clock, that is a main venue in the film. One young couple, Molly and Greg, decide to go out for drinks at the bar, and they meet another couple with a lesbian friend. The lesbian lives with the couple. Eventually Molly has an affair with the lesbian, and other infidelities occur.

| | 1 hr 28 min | 5.8/10
Marja-Lewis Ryan, Daniel Carlisle, Todd Kubrak, Emily Peck, Liz Osborn
Wolfe Releasing
Jacob Chase, Samantha Housman
The Four-Faced Liar

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