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The world is experiencing a food revolution that sets multi-national corporations and organic food producers on a direct collision course. With the advancement of genetic engineering and the aggressive development of pesticide corporations like Monsanto, the (food) seed industry is restructuring the nature of what we eat. This film investigates the world's food security and explores the controversial issues associated with it. Connecting the dots in a complex network of key players is a big challenge; regulatory agencies, farmers, universities, agriculture groups, grass-roots organizations and consumers are engaged in this fascinating documentary that tells the story of our food sources and how it affects present and future generations.

| | 1 hr 29 min | 7.9/10
Sara Maamouri, Mark Hertsgaard, Andrew Kimbrell, Deborah Koons Garcia, Dr. Charles M. Benbrook
Cinema Libre
Deborah Koons Garcia
The Future of Food

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