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| | 2 hr 3 min | Action, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Foreign

A young boy moves to a small town after the divorce of his parents. At a local festival, he is picked to be that year's "Kirin Rider," a protector of all things good. He soon discovers that his new title is quite literal, as a nefarious spirit begins to wage war with the local yokai and human populations. The spirit in question is Yasunori Kato, a human figure from Japanese legend, transformed into an evil spirit due to the strength of his hatred and desire for revenge. To carry out his revenge, and destroy mankind, Kato uses a spirit called a Yomotsumono, composed of the resentment of that which mankind has discarded, using it to transform more traditional yokai into violent junkyard creatures under his control.

Ryunosuke Kamiki, Hiroyuki Miyasako, Chiaki Kuriyama, Bunta Sugawara, Etsushi Toyokawa
Takashi Miike
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The Great Yokai War
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