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| | 1 hr 36 min | Action & Adventure

Seattle cop Cliff Garret (Chuck Norris) is severely wounded in a drug bust gone badshot by his corrupt partner Ronny Del Delany (Michael Parks).
Cliff pulls through, but the department declares him dead and gives him a new identity, hit man Danny Grogan, so they can send him deep undercover into the organization of mob boss Marco Luganni (Al Waxman).
The plan: Grogan is to bring together Luganni and rival French Canadian crime boss Andr LaCombe (Marcel Sabourin) so they can both be taken down together. Complicating matters is a gang of Iranian drug dealers who are looking to muscle into both gangsters territories.
Grogan plays all parties against one another while befriending a fatherless boy named Tim Murphy (Salim Grant), who lives in the apartment down the hall.
Grogans past returns to haunt him in the person of Ronny Delany, who recognizes him as Garret, and threatens Tim in a bid to force Grogan to cooperate.
But Grogan turns the tables on them allGrogan has Lugannis and LaCombes gangs kill each other off, and then Grogan goes after Delany.

Chuck Norris, Michael Parks, Al Waxman, Alberta Watson, Salim Grant
Aaron Norris
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The Hitman
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