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| | 2 hr 7 min | Drama

"The Kite Runner" is about the Afghanistan conflict: Its characters demonstrate the human-side of the devastation. It is an absorbing film and will have the intelligent movie enthusiast fully absorbed. It does not just provide a tale: it is intensely thought-provoking. The film begins with several children kite-flying. They are flying kites in the metropolitan area of Kabul. The date is 1978. The era is well before the Taliban, the United States involvement; Russian involvement and uprising. Amir played by Zekiria Ebrahimi joins in with a number of other children

Shaun Toub, Atossa Leoni, Ahmad Khan Mahmoodzada, Khalid Abdalla, Zekiria Ebrahimi
Marc Forster, Rebecca Yeldham
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The Kite Runner
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