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This movie is based off the book written by Nicholas Sparks. The movie starts out with this young couple who meet while the wealthy girl is on vacation at their summer home. She finds a guy there that is just one of the middle class locals. She falls for him and spends every waking moment with him during the summer. He meets her family and you learn right away that mommy and daddy don't like him. They don't find him suitable at all. She ends up having a fight with her family and he walks away saying that he doesn't want to cause them any trouble. She returns home.

World War II breaks out and he is drafted with his best friend who passes away. While the couple were together, they had said that their dream home would be this house. His father helps him by giving him the money he needs to buy the home. She in the meantime meets a guy who her family does approve of and is about to get married. During her fitting though, she reads in the paper that he had finished the dream home. She goes to meet him.

The two of them go to have a great time and rekindle their love. Her mother comes for her, but she refuses to go when she learns that when she thought he never reached out to her, he had written her every day. During this time, he was in a relationship, but the woman can't compete with this past fling. The soon to be husband of the woman's comes too, but she tells him that she can't get married.

Throughout the movie, they go between this plot and an older couple in a nursing home. The guy has moved in so he can be near his wife who is suffering from Alzheimers. He reads this story to her. Sometimes she remembers, other times she doesn't. When she is taken into isolation after having a panic attack when she lost her memory yet again, he sneaks in to be with her and they are then bound to be together forever.

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Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams, James Garner, Gena Rowlands, James Marsden
Nick Cassavetes
The Notebook
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Stop whatever you're doing and watch this video. This is a video of Ryan Gosling, age 11, dancing in hammer pants. We repeat, this is a video of Ryan Gosling, at age 11, dancing like M.C. Hammer. He's actually pretty great at it, too. It's a friendly reminder of Gosling's involvement with the Mickey Mouse Club long before he was the star of "The Notebook" or "Drive." Honestly, we could talk more about Ryan Gosling's career, his relationship with Eva Mendes or their new baby, but let's be honest here: you just want to see a video of an 11-year-old Ryan Gosling dancing in hammer pants in 1992.
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The tenth anniversary of "The Notebook" has come and gone. Did you celebrate by popping the DVD in, grabbing some Kleenex, and closing your eyes, so it was like Ryan Gosling spoke directly to you when he said, "If you're a bird, I'm a bird?" No? Maybe? Just me? Well hopefully you kept that box of tissues handy, because here's some news you may  have been dreading since "The Notebook" hit theaters: Ryan Gosling is rumored to be expecting a solemn, sensitive baby with his girflfriend of three years, Eva Mendes.
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Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams Kinda Hated Each Other While Filming 'The Notebook'
"The Notebook" has become a synonym for the romantic movie, the chick flick to end all chick flicks. It was also the movie that truly launched Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams into stardom...and into an off-screen relationship, too. But here's something you probably didn't know: Gosling wanted McAdams booted off the set! In an interview with VH1 to celebrate the movie's 10-year anniversary(!), director Nick Cassavetes revealed some long-held secrets about the making of the film.
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