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| | 1 hr 40 min | Drama, TV Movie

Jack Hollander is a novelist, infuriated with his publicists for putting a soft-porn cover on his latest novel. He confronts marketing director Claire Fielding and demands to know what the cover has to do with the book itself. She admits she didn't read the book before deciding what cover should be used, but assures him it will only help selling the book.
Despite of their strong different opinions, they are drawn to each other and start a romance. The problem is Claire is already married to Peter and has two children, Alson and Maggie. Claire is torn between choosing Jack and Peter. With Peter, she has a steady and quite happy marriage. However, the romance has been gone for a long time and all they do is worrying about the bills and children. If she chooses Jack, she has a passionate and rejuvenating affair, without assurance of what the future will offer.

Jack Scalia, Lindsay Wagner, Max Gail, Millie Perkins, John Bennett Perry
Robert Ellis Miller
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The Other Lover