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The Other Side of AIDS is a 2004 documentary film by AIDS denialist Robin Scovill. Through interviews with prominent AIDS denialists and HIV-positive people who have refused anti-HIV medication, the film makes the case that HIV is not the cause of AIDS and that HIV treatments are harmful, conclusions which are rejected by medical and scientific consensus. The film was reviewed in Variety and The Hollywood Reporter in 2004, and received additional attention in 2005, when Scovill's three-year-old daughter died of untreated AIDS.
The Other Side of AIDS was shown at the AFI Los Angeles International Film Festival in 2004, where it received special mention in the International Documentary category. The film had its international premiere at the 2004 Vancouver International Film Festival, and also played at the Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema in Argentina.

| 1 hr 27 min
Robin Scovill
The Other Side of AIDS
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