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| | 1 hr 50 min | Comedy, Romance

The Prince and Me is a great movie to watch. A girl goes to college with a guy who she seems to think is a spoiled brat. He seems to have it all. He has someone making his breakfast and everything of the sorts. However, not many people see that. He meets a girl who could teach him a thing or two and in the meantime, he teaches her so that she can pass in English.

He's learning hard about how to deal with the United States. During all this time, he tries to blend in. He gets a job where he will be working with the girl that he admires. She takes him home to meet her family and he finds her way of life totally intriguing. After talking with her family which is full of farmers, he learns a thing or two about mistakes that are occurring in his family in his own country.

What he finds is that when he takes the throne, he knows of things that he could do differently. The press finds that he's dating this girl and the girl learns of his true identity. She's hurt that he could betray her, but then he learns that his father is truly sick. He packs up and goes back to his country to take the throne. However, her idea of being able to get over him rather easily isn't working that way. She thinks about him constantly.

With little thought, she goes to his country with the help of her friends. They are doing a royal parade and she finds that she is a huge success in his country. She tries to get his attention and almost misses him if it weren't for people from the crowd yelling for him to turn around. He sees her and swoops her up. The king and queen aren't happy at all, but he soon proposes to her. She says yes and things are going well. She assumes the role of his fiancee and things are put in place. However, she finds that due to the way his people feel and the duties that are expected of him, she cannot be his fiancee at the time. She goes back to college, but has an unexpected guest waiting there for her on the day of graduation where she graduated in law.

Julia Stiles, Luke Mably, Ben Miller, James Fox, Miranda Richardson
Martha Coolidge
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The Prince and Me
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