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| | 1 hr 41 min | Comedy, Crime, Kids & Family

Jared Phelps returns home from his mission in Wyoming to find a world very different from the one he left two years ago. This movie opens with a send-off at the airport full of family and friends of Elder Phelps. He serves a two year mission in the Wyoming, Evanston South Mission. The opening credits are shown by using instant photographs. They also show Elder Phelps going from a greenie (new missionary), to district leader, to zone leader and finally to an assistant to the mission president. Upon returning home, things don't go so well. His parents thought that he was coming home the following month, so no one is there to meet him at the airport. He didn't receive the letter that his family had moved, so he is surprised by the greeting of the new homeowner in the form of a karate kick. His bed is now occupied by a foreign exchange student from Tonga. Jared's girlfriend, who promised to wait for him to return, is getting married in two weeks. The jewelry store where he bought the ring won't take it back. And his former employer who promised to give him a job upon his return has sold the business and started an Internet enterprise and the only job opening is to mine diamonds in South Africa. Things get worse from there. He quickly goes through a series of jobs, and even considers selling knives. He develops a romantic relationship with the daughter of H. Ronald Powers, a general authority that, to his embarrassment, he is unfamiliar with (despite the fact that he gave a "great talk" in the previous general conference). He also gets boils, and eventually gets arrested due to the actions of a friend. Because of the arrest, he is released from his church calling as elders quorum president. He has to seriously consider whether to lie and keep him and his friend out of jail, or to tell the truth and send himself and/or his friend to jail.

Kirby Heyborne, Daryn Tufts, Will Swenson, Britini Bateman, Tracy Ann Evans
Kurt Hale
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The R.M.