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Many people wonder if aliens exist. They also wonder what would happen if they ever arrive on Earth. The movie the Second Arrival deals with this situation. Main character Zane is found dead due to a heart attack. He broadcasted to the world details of an alien invasion but was not taken seriously. After his death five people received paper detailing an alien attack on the Earth. He stated the aliens were coming to Earth because their own planet was dying.

The group meets in a large freezer since they learned aliens do not like to be cold and explore the information left to them by Zane. One of the members is having trouble in the cold and it is discovered that he is really an alien. He sets off what is known as a black hole bomb and he and another member of the group is sucked in by its gravitational pull as long as everything that is in the room. The other three members are able to escape.

While in a hotel room a group member is killed by an alien machine which made his death look like he had a heart attack. A group member named Addison finds out his female companion from the previous night was really an alien and finds himself in a car with the new company. He manages to get away but finds his credit cards and bank information are no longer valid.

The aliens plant to set up an attack of radiation over hundreds of miles starting in Quebec. Luckily the first attempt from the aliens fails. Addison finds the alien spaceship and is able to interact with the ship over his computer. Addison is able to use their radiation against them and the power station that was to be the sight of the attack in just a hole in the ground now. The aliens did not go down without a fight and during the fight Addison almost got sucked into a black hole. The world is safe for the time being. The movie ends with a newly married couple driving to Alaska and they are not bothered by the snow that is falling down on them.

Patrick Muldoon, Michael Sarrazin, Michael Scherer, Jane Sibbett, Catherine Blythe
Kevin Tenney
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