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The Truth About Cats & Dogs is a 1996 romantic-comedy film starring Janeane Garofalo and Uma Thurman. Abby, played by Janeane Garofalo, and Noelle, played by Uma Thurman, are friends. Abby is a veterinarian who has a radio talk show, and Noelle is a model and aspiring television news anchor. When Abby takes a call from Brian, played by Ben Chaplin, Brian finds her voice attractive and attempts to meet her by going to the radio station where she works.

When Brian gets to the radio station, he mistakes Noelle for Abby. That is the beginning of a situation where Brian dates Noelle in person, but on the phone, he talks to Abby, mistakenly thinking that it is Noelle on the phone when he hears Abby's voice. Abby, who has a low opinion of her own looks, begins to like Brian, but she is unsure about whether or not he would find her physically attractive.

| | 1 hr 37 min
Janeane Garofalo, Uma Thurman, Ben Chaplin, Jamie Foxx, James McCaffrey
Michael Lehmann
The Truth About Cats & Dogs
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