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"The Wayward Cloud" is a Mandarin language Taiwanese film from 2005. Taiwan is experiencing a water shortage, with television shows educating the populace about variety of ways that water can be conserved. The populace is even advised to consume the juice of watermelons in lieu of water. It is against this social backdrop that Hsiao-Kang and Shiang-chyi bump into each other and decide to begin a relationship. Unknown to Shiang-chyi, Hsiao-Kang has made a decent living as a performer in several adult films.

"The Wayward Cloud" has a total running time of one hour and 52 minutes.

| | 1 hr 52 min
Lin Huixun, Yi-Ching Lu, Yozakura Sumomo, Hsiao Huan-wen, Kang-sheng Lee
Ming-liang Tsai
The Wayward Cloud