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The Worst of Faces of Death is a direct-to-video compilation of highlights from the first three Faces of Death films. The parachuter landing in the alligator pit, as well as the slaughterhouse footage, the shootout in front of the pharmacy and monkey brain eating sequence are lifted whole from the earlier films. In between there are brief introductory scenes featuring James B. Schwartz as "Dr. Louis Flellis". Flellis explains that his friend and mentor Dr Francis B. Grss died while Flellis himself was performing a routine operation on him, although it remains unclear why. In reality, actor Michael Carr did not return to portray Grss again. This film was titled The Best of Gesichter des Todes 1-3 (The Best of Faces of Death 1- 3) for its release in Germany.

John Alan Schwartz
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The Worst of Faces of Death