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Finally, a movie that tells it like it is for real from the stand point of what really goes on inside the mind of a man. This movie explores most male characteristics, from the mind of the Momma's boy to the mind of a so called player. A real in depth look at what men truly think about women behind the smiles, laughs, and lines that are used to get what they want. This is a great peak into the male mind set with a good story line. It includes following the lives of four friends who all have their own individual situation and lifestyles.

They meet regularly to discuss their situations among themselves and they become strategist on their next moves to get the women they desire, at the same time that these men are living their lives and revealing personal secrets to each other the movie also follows the lives of the females that they are involved with, want to get involved with, or are already committed to.

The movie is based on a book written by actor , comedienne, television show host Mr. Steve Harvey who also stars as himself in the film . It is highly entertaining and eye opening from both the male and female aspects.

As the movie comes to a climax the girls in the movie have all purchased and read the same book. The book, the title of the movie, think like a man is a best seller in the movie and men every where are trying to figure out what is causing the shift in their relationships and female pursuits. The way that they find out is through the Momma's boy who discovers the book because his mother is reading a copy, and leaves it on the dining room table.

Secretly he informs all his friends about the latest craze among women an that this is the cause for the shift.

The mindset becomes, two can play at that game and the movie takes a turn no one expects. There is comedy, reality, sharing , caring , and life lessons all to be found by simply watching this 2012 number one selling movie, Think like a man. You will have new insight for the opposite sex and a new understanding of relationships and the way they work or why they don't work.

| | 2 hr 3 min
Michael Ealy, Jerry Ferrara, Meagan Good, Regina Hall, Kevin Hart
Tim Story
Think Like a Man
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Chris Brown and Frank Ocean Brawl
Chris Brown? Obey basic human law? Nah. Even though the “Think Like a Man” actor is still on probation for beating the living daylights out of then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, Brown may be heading to court yet again for throwing his fists around. This time it’s singer Frank Ocean who took the hit—and he’s determined to make Brown pay. On Sunday night Brown and multiple members of his posse allegedly got into a scuffle with Ocean—over a parking space.
Chris Brown Deletes Twitter Account After it Prompts Death Threats
The Twitter fight between Chris Brown and comedienne Jenny Johnson has gotten ugly, prompting Brown to delete his Twitter account. Death threats have been leveled against the actress, whose exchanges with the “Think Like a Man” actor and singer got heated and very NSFW. “We are doing a bit of investigating… to see who are writing them and if they should be taken seriously — or just something we need to ignore. We are trying to discover if it’s just a bunch of kids goofing off or something else,” Johnson said.
Is Rihanna Finally Done with Chris Brown?
There never seems to be a winner when it comes to the Rihanna/Chris Brown relationship. Oh wait, there is, and it’s always Chris Brown. Until now? Hopefully? Please. It seems that all is not over between the “Think Like a Man” star and his ex, Karrueche Tran, and when Rihanna found out he was still hanging with his determined former fling, she took to her Twitter to vent. The “Battleship” beauty ranted, “Examine what you tolerate,” “Goodbye, muthafu*ker,” “You give, you get, then you give it the f*ck back,” and “Claps for the basic b******.
Rihanna 'Acting Out.' Friends Say Chris Brown is Bad News.
So much Chris Brown news this weekend… The “Think Like a Man” actor and singer split with his ex Karrueche Tran not long ago, saying that he didn’t want his friendship with singer and “Battleship” star Rihanna to hurt her. Meanwhile Rihanna and Brown appear to be back on and going full-force. The sexy lady has been seen lap dancing and kissing her beau. Interesting, since Brown keeps getting spotted with Tran… the two met up after the break up, and again on Halloween weekend when Brown split his partying between the two beauties.
Is Chris Brown Trying To Be a Better Person?
Chris Brown recently opened up to MTV about his attempts to change himself into a better person. The “Talk Like a Man” actor and popular singer had this to say about the road to recovery. "Having to get personal opinion back and having to gain personal success back… it's not all the way back, you know? But it's one of my most humbling experiences. I can't hate people for making judgment on me or making a decision of liking me or not liking me. All I can do is try to be better as a person, and I'm good with knowing everything isn't always going to be perfect.
Chris Brown Ditches Girlfriend Over His *Ahem* 'Friendship' With Rihanna
Chris Brown's Controversial Halloween Costume
Chris Brown raised some eyebrows yet again with his choice of Halloween costume. The “Think Like a Man” actor and singer and his group of friends posted a photo to Instagram. Their costumes? Well, there seems to be no actual consensus. Stereotypical terrorists? Members of the Taliban? Osama Bin Laden and posse? Hard to decipher specifics. “Ain't nobody F*cking wit my clique!!!!#ohb,” Brown posted as his caption. It’s fair to say that many found the choice in poor taste.
Chris Brown's Tattoo Artist Speaks Out
Controversy over Chris Brown’s new neck tattoo has the artist coming out to defend himself. Recently the “Think Like a Man” actor was seen sporting new ink that looked suspiciously like a battered and bruised ex, Rihanna. The artist of the tattoo, Peter Koskela, is denying any claims that he knowingly marked the singer with such a picture. “I hate when people misinterpret what I do,” he told E! news. "It was really a blow to me to think that people would think so little of a person that I would actually put a picture of a beaten woman on his neck.

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