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| 2 hr 38 min

Time, Forward! (Russian: , !, Vremya, vperyod!) is a 1965 Soviet drama film directed by Sofiya Milkina and Mikhail Shveytser based on a novel with the same name and a screenplay by Valentin Katayev. Composer Georgy Sviridov, sound by Lev Trakhtenberg. Production by Mosfilm by the order of Goskino. Sviridov's main theme for the film (of the same name) became the most recognisable music pieces of the Soviet era. It became a sort of calling card of the Soviet Union. For a long time it was used as the signature tune of Vremya, the TV news program on USSR Central Television and Russian Channel One. The title is derived from Vladimir Mayakovsky's poem Good (Khorosho, Russian: ). Sviridov's theme was also used as backing music for Guy Maddin's 2000 short film The Heart of the World.

Sergei Yursky, Leonid Kuravlyov, Inna Gulaya
Sofiya Milkina, Mikhail Shveytser
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Time, Forward!