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After the disbandment of the Kurata syndicate Tetsu is sought out by rival yakuza clan boss Otsuka. He attempts to enlist Tetsu into his gang but fails. Fearing that Tetsu will upset a real estate scam in the making Otsuka decides to have him eliminated. Sensing this Tetsu leaves Tokyo.
Otsuka assigns his number one hitman, "Viper", to kill him. Tetsu evades Viper and his hit squad a number of times and arrives at the establishment of Umetani, an ally of boss Kurata.
However, Kurata, coerced by Otsuka, has betrayed Tetsu and ordered Umetani to kill him. With help from one of Otsuka's former men, "Shooting Star" Kenji, Tetsu is able to defeat Viper and escape. Tetsu then returns to Tokyo and confronts his former boss. According to critic Kyle Farely, the movie ends with Kurata committing suicide and Tetsu leaving his fiancee to travel the life of a loner across Japan.,

| | 1 hr 29 min
Tetsuya Watari, Tamio Kawachi, Hideaki Nitani, Chieko Matsubara, Ryuji Kita
Seijun Suzuki
Tokyo Drifter
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