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A yakuza boss wants to go straight, but he wants Tetsu to join him in his quest for freedom from the gang lifestyle. The pair are soon pursued by rival gangs as they attempt to bring the pair back into the lifestyle in order to start a gang war. The pair find themselves in great peril and Tetsu must make a decision as whether he will become a drifter to save his boss or if he will stay and forever remain a gang member. If he decides to run, he must run for the remainder of his days. If he stays, his life will forever stay in serious jeopardy.

| | 1 hr 29 min | 7.3/10
Tetsuya Watari, Tamio Kawachi, Hideaki Nitani, Chieko Matsubara, Ryuji Kita
Criterion Collection
Seijun Suzuki
Tokyo Drifter

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