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| | 1 hr 50 min | Drama, Action & Adventure

Top Gun is a classic action adventure movie that was released in 1986. It is the film that made Tom Cruise a star. Top Gun tells the story of a squadron of elite pilots. It features action, romance, and many scenes of fighter jets in the air. Top Gun centers on Maverick, played by Tom Cruise, who is one of the Navy's top pilots. Maverick often gets into trouble because he doesn't play by the rules and likes to do things his own way. One day while out of a mission with a couple other pilots, Maverick is engaged by an enemy fighter jet. The enemy jet does not fire on Maverick so he decides not to fire on the jet. He returns back to base where his commander is angry with him. The commander sends Maverick and his close pilot buddy, Goose, to an elite training program.

Maverick and Goose have opposite personalities. Goose is married with a young child at home so he is incredibly cautious. Still, he and Maverick are close friends. When they arrive at the new training program, they head out to a bar where they drink and sing karaoke. Maverick sees a beautiful woman who he serenades but she remains uninterested in him. The next day, Maverick and Goose head to class where they discover that the woman Maverick sang to is their instructor.

Despite rules against it, Maverick continues to try and pursue his teacher into entering a romantic relationship. Maverick's ways both impress and irritate many of his fellow pilots. Some feel as if he too dangerous. Maverick and Goose team up and fly against a couple of other pilots including Viper, who is considered to be one of the best fighter pilots in the world. While they are doing this, Maverick's plane suffers a flameout of both engines. He and Goose are forced to eject. Goose breaks his neck and dies while attempting to escape the jet and Maverick is consumed with guilt. He meets an older pilot who then tells him classified information about Maverick's own dad. It turns out Maverick's dad, who was killed while piloting his plane, managed to save three other people before he died and is considered by many to be a hero. Maverick graduates flight school and completes another dangerous mission. He then decides then he also wants to be an instructor at Top Gun school which he does. He and instructor then reunite and have a romantic relationship.

Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis, Val Kilmer, Anthony Edwards, Tom Skerritt
Tony Scott
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