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"Unmade Beds" is a British film from the late '00s. Axel is a young Spaniard who visits London in order to learn about his father from a first-hand source. Vera is a Belgian who visits London to recover from a broken relationship. The two people meet and commiserate in different ways. Despite trying dancing, liquor, musical tastes, and even sex, neither one seems to sync up with the other until both reunite simply to progress with their existences.

"Unmade Beds" has a total running time of one hour and 32 minutes. The film features dialogue in English, French, and Spanish.

| | 1 hr 33 min
Deborah Francois, Michiel Huisman, Fernando Tielve, Iddo Goldberg, Richard Lintern
Alexis Dos Santos, Alexis DosSantos
Unmade Beds

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