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Who's That Girl stars Madonna as Nikki Finn, a carefree young woman who is framed for the murder of her boyfriend and sentenced to seven years in prison. When she's released for good behavior after four years, she goes on a wild goose chase to find the true killers with the help of tax attorney Loudon (Griffin Dunne)--who for some reason, is also in possession of a cougar, which Nikki promptly loses.

This wild and fun romp only solidified Madonna's place as the biggest star in the world, especially since the soundtrack launched a huge hit with the title track of the film and spawned the singer's first world tour, also named after the film. This is a great movie for fans of the singer and of romantic comedies alike.

| | 1 hr 32 min
Madonna, Griffin Dunne, John Mills, Haviland Morris, John McMartin
Warner Home Video
James Foley
Who's That Girl

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