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| | 1 hr 49 min | Comedy, Romance

We've all had that friend that is the perpetual third wheel and never realizes that it's time for them to go. There's always that person you wish would leave so that you and your mate could have some time alone. What if that person was your best friend? This is the general idea of You, Me and Dupree. This movie is about true friendship and how much a marriage can actually take.

Carl and Molly are newlyweds and Carl's best friend is Dupree. Carl and Molly have everything they have ever wanted and their entire life is perfect. They have the car, the house, the jobs of their dreams, and now they have the perfect icing on the top of the cake: each other. It just simply couldn't get any better.

Dupree, on the other hand, sacrificed his job and his home to go to Carl and Molly's wedding, and now he is homeless and jobless. Carl begrudgingly takes in his homeless jobless friend out of friendship, guilt, and mostly obligation. Will Carl and Molly's marriage survive this new living arrangement?

Owen Wilson, Kate Hudson, Matt Dillon, Michael Douglas, Seth Rogen
Anthony Russo, Joe Russo
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You, Me and Dupree
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