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| | 1 hr 32 min | Comedy, Drama, Foreign

Some of the stories connect loosely, but the real connection is the function of all the characters being essentially human, and developing the themes of life, existence and happiness. Throughout the film a number of ideas are explored repeatedly. One of these leitmotifs is the concept of dreams, and how they reflect the humanity, fears, feelings and desires of the characters. Another is the use of music, in conjunction with dialogues and editing, both as a track and performed on camera, the movie starts with a monologue which ends up being rapped to Nordic folk music, which is being played by lone musicians each in different rooms in different parts of the city. Some of the stories of the movie are the following: A overweight woman laments her life while being completely self-absorbed A carpenter (Leif Larsson) has a dream where he is condemned and executed for breaking a 200 year old china set. A pickpocket (Waldemar Nowak) steals the wallet of a high roller at a fine restaurant before he has paid the bill. A psychiatrist (Hkan Angser) has lost faith in people's ability to be happy because of their selfishness. A business consultant (Olle Olson) gets his hair butchered by an upset barber (Kemal Sener) before attending a meeting where the CEO (Bengt C.W. Carlsson) dies of a heart attack. A tuba player (Bjrn Englund) saves money by playing in funerals, including the one of the CEO. A girl (Jessika Lundberg) finds her musical idol, Micke Larsson (Eric Bckman) in a tavern, he invites her and her friend a drink but afterwards he gives her false directions for a band rehearsal. Husband and wife (Pr Fredriksson and Jessica Nilsson) affect their respective jobs lingering about a fight they had.

Jessika Lundberg, Jessica Lundberg, Elisabeth Helander, Elisabet Helander, Bjorn Englund
Roy Andersson
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You, the Living
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