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| | 1 hr 42 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

Your Highness is a movie that takes on the story of when knights, heroes, and slay dragons all hailed the earth. The story takes the lives of two brothers, both of whom are the sons of a king, making the both of them princes. Thadeous is one of the brothers who is the younger one of the two. He is the slower one and definitely the brother who doesn't do so much, especially since he spends all his time watching his older brother take care of scary situation.

Fabious is the brother whom always seems to know what he is doing, not to mention has the courage that his brother has always wanted. He is the one who goes through valiant journeys and tries to experience newer things. However, Fabious ends up losing his wife-to-be in the end as an evil wizard takes her. Leezar is the extremely bad wizard who wants the woman all to himself, but Fabious does not soon realize that she has been taken, forcing the King to use his other son Thadeous to take care of the situation. Because he does not have much confidence in himself, he must fight the scary wizard for the heart that his brother truly wants.

Thadeous must do something in order to try and save her in time for success on keeping her alive. Of course, Leezar doesn't just give her up without a fight. So, Thadeous creates a plan to ensure that Leezar does not stop him from saving his brother's beloved fiance. He makes sure that when Leezar is wide open that he takes the girl and brings her to safety. Thadeous notices that Leezar is about to rape her, and the only thing he can do is kill her with a huge blade of Unicorn. He ends up killing her and brings the beautiful woman back to safety. The fight was quite scary and definitely takes on gory and painful experience for both brothers.

Danny McBride, James Franco, Rasmus Hardiker, Natalie Portman, Toby Jones
David Gordon Green
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Your Highness
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First Portman gets an earful from a dancing double who maintains she deserves credit for most of the dancing done in the actress' Academy Award-winning role in "Black Swan," now comes word that Portman's butt had a double in "Your Highness."

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