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See 'Game of Thrones' Before and After the CGI Effects Are Added
July 08, 2014 @ 3:10 pm PST     Andy Neuenschwander    
Some shots in "Game of Thrones" require obvious special effects. After all, you can't just go out to Petco and get a dragon. But others are far more subtle, as this video from CGI effects studio Mackevision shows. The video is essentially a highlight reel of the special effects that the studio did for the show over the fourth season, with a focus on the incredible environments created through VFX.
There's a New Harry Potter Short Story, Written by J.K. Rowling
July 08, 2014 @ 11:29 am PST     Andy Neuenschwander    
Ten points to J.K. Rowling! The "Harry Potter" author has given her fans the gift they thought they'd never get: another story in the Harry Potter universe! Rowling has published a brand-new short story about her internationally famous character on the Pottermore website for fans to read. The story is one of a series that Rowling has been writing about the Quidditch World Cup, in celebration of the actual World Cup happening in Brazil.
Joe Manganiello Is Dating Sofia Vergara and the World Might Explode
July 07, 2014 @ 11:32 pm PST     Andy Neuenschwander    
Warning: This news might actually be so sexy that it could cause you physical harm. Sources say, and outlets confirm, that "True Blood" star Joe Manganiello and "Modern Family" star Sofia Vergara are dating. We'll let that sink in for you for a minute. Sources close to the couple say that they "just started to hang out," but Manganiello has said before in interviews that he considers Vergara to be his ideal woman.
Naya Rivera Reduced to Recurring on 'Glee' But Not Quite Fired
July 07, 2014 @ 8:01 pm PST     Andy Neuenschwander    
Hope you guys weren't big Santana fans, because you're going to see a lot less of her on "Glee" next season. Naya Rivera has been demoted from a series regular to recurring for the musical comedy's sixth and final season, set to start this fall on Fox. That means that Rivera will return to the show in some capacity, but will not be in every episode, or likely even close to every episode.
Kourtney Kardashian Shows Off Baby Bump in Bikini in Cute Summer Pic
July 07, 2014 @ 5:09 pm PST     Andy Neuenschwander    
There's no denying it now: Kourtney Kardashian is very pregnant! The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star posted a pic to Instagram that showed off her baby bump in a bikini, in honor of the summer holiday weekend. The pic featured Kourtney lounging outside in the sun in a gold bikini as her baby daughter Penelope crawled on her pregnant belly. Kourtney kept it simple in expressing how she felt about the pic, posting it to Instagram with just a smiley emoji with hearts for eyes.
Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez Are Dating?!
July 07, 2014 @ 3:04 pm PST     Andy Neuenschwander    
Well. We did NOT see this coming! Michelle Rodriguez, 34, and Zac Efron, 26, appear to be a couple. The two were spotted on vacation together in Sardinia, off the coast of Italy...and they were kissing! A source close to the couple said that the two had previously been just friends, but that "something changed" during this Mediterranean vacation and now the two are "inseparable.
'Arrow' Casts Former Superman Brandon Routh As Another Superhero Entirely
July 07, 2014 @ 2:15 pm PST     Andy Neuenschwander    
Welcome back to the DC Comics universe, Brandon Routh! The actor has been cast in the CW series "Arrow" and will join the upcoming season of the hit show as Ray Palmer, a.k.a The Atom. In comics, Palmer is a scientist who invents a suit that allows him to shrink to the size of—you guessed it—an atom. In the show, he will intersect with Oliver Queen by becoming the new owner of Queen Consolidated.
'Breaking Bad' Is Now a One-Man Stage Show
July 07, 2014 @ 1:55 pm PST     Andy Neuenschwander    
"Breaking Bad" is done, and "Better Call Saul" won't be here until 2015. So, what can you do in the meantime? Getting tickets to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival might be a good idea. An American actor by the name of Miles Allen premiered a one-man show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival and is planning to bring it to Edinburgh. Of course there are plenty of one-man shows out there, but this one is special: Allen re-enacts all 60 episodes of "Breaking Bad" in 60 minutes.
Another 'True Blood' Favorite Bites the Dust [SPOILERS]
July 07, 2014 @ 10:23 am PST     Shannon Keirnan    
Another major character died a true death in Sunday's "True Blood." What does the actor have to say of the death, and the show's future? Beware of spoilers.
Sunday Long Watch: Here's Why You Actually Hate Michael Bay
July 06, 2014 @ 5:03 pm PST     Andy Neuenschwander    
"Transformers: Age of Extinction" came out this past weekend, and as is the norm with Michael Bay movies, it made a big heap of money while still being referred to by critics and audiences alike as more or less a piece of crap. But why is it, exactly, that people hate Michael Bay so much? Many refer to the almost juvenile tendency for him to make his movies into an all-out explosionfest punctuated only by pee jokes and the occasional shot of a hot girl arching her back in an unnatural way, and while that's definitely a factor, there may be more to it for film buffs.