TV and Movie News (page 9)

New 'Girls' Trailer Shows Lena Dunham's Hannah in Iowa
November 07, 2014 @ 2:05 pm PST     Andy Neuenschwander    
Hannah's getting a change of scenery, but the rest of the cast seems to be staying the same.
Sorry Guys, ABC's 'Selfie' Is Canceled
November 07, 2014 @ 1:43 pm PST     Andy Neuenschwander    
Hashtag sadface.
Keira Knightley Poses Topless to Protest Photoshop and Beauty Standards [NSFW]
November 07, 2014 @ 1:19 pm PST     Andy Neuenschwander    
The British actress gave "Interview" magazine an ultimatum about posing nude.
'Hunger Games' Will Now Be a Stage Play in England
November 07, 2014 @ 11:24 am PST     Andy Neuenschwander    
Why, oh why isn't it a musical?
'Marry Me' Recap: Season 1, Episode 4: 'Annicurser-Me'
November 06, 2014 @ 5:28 pm PST     Shannon Keirnan    
Annie and Jake retire their "date-iversary," refusing to admit that the date is cursed. But is it?
'The Mindy Project' Recap: Season 3, Episode 6: 'Caramel Princess Time'
November 06, 2014 @ 4:38 pm PST     Shannon Keirnan    
Danny loses his patience with Mindy, who is late for everything.
'Toy Story 4' Is Happening!
November 06, 2014 @ 4:12 pm PST     Andy Neuenschwander    
Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed that a sequel to the trilogy is in the works.
Full 'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies' Trailer Features Scenes from the Big Battle
November 06, 2014 @ 3:52 pm PST     Andy Neuenschwander    
Here are some glimpses of what the big battle of the Hobbit trilogy will look like.
'New Girl' Recap: Season 4, Episode 6: 'Background Check'
November 06, 2014 @ 3:47 pm PST     Shannon Keirnan    
Winston is nearly a police officer... just a background check and a home visit stand in his way, but Jess has been hiding a secret that may ruin everything.
In Defense of Jessa Duggar Having Sex in a Church Right After Getting Married
November 06, 2014 @ 3:06 pm PST     Andy Neuenschwander    
Rumor has it that Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald banged in the back of a church right after tying the knot.