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The TLC series, "19 Kids and Counting," chronicles the life of the Duggar family. Dad, Jim Bob, and Mom, Michelle, practice a strong Christian ethic and believe that all children are a gift from God. They do not believe in any type of birth control and consequently are the proud parents of 19 children.

Their eldest child, Josh, is married to Anna and they have two children. Viewers were able to follow their courtship, Josh's proposal and their wedding. The rest of the children are single and range in age from two to twenty-two. The Duggars do not believing in dating, and the teens must be chaperoned when courting.

Michelle homeschools the children with help from the older siblings, and all of the children learn how to play the piano and violin. They are often asked to perform at various churches, and even some of the smaller children participate.

The cameras have followed the family on many of their adventures, including sky diving, a trip to Dollywood, their first trip to New York and much more. They also took a pilgrimage to Israel, Scotland, London and Ireland.

Serving others is important to Jim Bob and Michelle, and several of the older children go on annual mission trips to Central America to lend aid and fellowship. They also traveled to Joplin, Missouri after the devastating 2011 tornado to give encouragement and help families rebuild.

Grandma Duggar, who lives with the family, and Cousin Amy, an aspiring country singer, are often shown. Soundman Jim also makes appearances and has become a minor celebrity.

The youngest child, Josie, was delivered by C-section three months premature after Michelle developed preeclampsia. Weighing only one pound six ounces, little Josie spent several months in the hospital. Cameras followed the family, who live in Tontitown, Arkansas, when they temporarily moved to a rental home in Little Rock to be closer to her.

In 2010, the Duggar family announced that they were expecting their 20th child. Unfortunately, Michelle miscarried one month later. They named the unborn baby Jubilee and had a memorial service for her.

It is important to the family that they spread their faith, and they have revealed that this is the reason they allow cameras to follow them. They hope that the strict adherence to their beliefs will be an inspiration to others.

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19 Kids and Counting Full Episode Guide

  • Cousin Amy returns for a new special as she continues to pursue her music career. Amy performs on a sold out showboat dinner cruise then celebrates her 28th birthday with her Duggar family. Plus, we get a behind the scenes look at her new music video.

  • Cousin Amy sings on board a dinner cruise before returning to the family to celebrate her birthday with a bonfire and donut cake. A behind the scenes look at the making of Amy's music video for her new single.

  • The DC Duggars arrive in Chicago just in time for David & Priscilla's gender reveal party! Later, the family tours the "Windy City" and caps off their trip with a camping excursion.

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