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The television show A Cook

Food Network
2 Seasons, 39 Episodes - Canceled
January 8, 2002
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A Cook's Tour Full Episode Guide

  • Bangkok, Thailand - A spontaneous layover in Bangkok leads Tony into the city, where he tries strange meals of deep fried frog skins and pla rah - a fish paste that has fermented for three months to a year.

  • Kansas City, KS Houston, TX NC - Which style of BBQ reigns supreme - Kansas City, Houston or North Carolina? Tony journeys to all three, judging the secrets behind sauces, wood pits, and slow smokers.

  • Hanoi, Vietnam - Tony returns to his beloved Vietnam to visit his friend, Linh, for the Vietnamese lunar New Year holiday, Tet. Together, the friends enjoy the holiday and indulge in all the exotic delicacies Vietnamese culture offers.

  • Chaing Mai, Thailand - Jumping into a Thai tuk tuk taxi, Tony attempts to soak up Thai culture and get lost in the cuisine of Chaing Mai.

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