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Ahh real monsters is the story of three monster who go around New York City scaring the local residents. The three monsters named(Ickis,Oblina and Krumm) all attend school where they learn techniques on fear. Most of their homework assignments and test revolve around them terrifying citizens of the city. The show was a huge success for Nickelodeon and ran for four seasons. Nickelodeon then began to air reruns of the show until 2006.

Ickis is a small red-furred rabbit looking creature. Since, he appears to be a small stuff children's toy, Ickis tends to scare smaller children during his exploits. Oblina is a black and white, upside down candy cane looking monster. Her method of scaring usually involves her pulling her internal organs out through her mouth or she will swell up to enormous size causing massive fear within the person. Krumm is a humanoid creature who must hold his eyes in the palms of his hands. He commonly loose them and must hunt for them throughout the show. His technique of terror is usually his powerful stench from his underarms, that he regularly boasts about.

Ahhh Real Monster's was created by the same animators as the creators of the Rugrats and Duckman. Gabor Csupó was approached by Nickelodeon to create a follow up series to the Rugrats, he decided to write about monsters because his children were in love with them. The Pilot episode of the show was awarded the first prize for animation by both the Houston and Ottawa Film Festival.

4 Seasons, 52 Episodes - Canceled
October 26, 1994
Animation & Cartoons
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  • The Academy is gearing up for the Scaring Olympics. The Gromble wants desperately to win the competition and is pushing his students to do their best./Ickis, Krumm and Oblina get trapped in a garbage compactor and the only thing they can do is bicker.

  • Simon the Monster Hunter hires three of the greatest hunters in the world to help him capture Ickis and prove to the world that monsters do exist./A hungry parasite named Sal invades Oblina's stomach, causing her to eat everything in sight.

  • Ickis is perpetually late for class, so The Gromble hangs a big clock around his neck to remind him to be on time. When Ickis rewinds the hands on the clock, he discovers that he can turn back time./The Gromble is sick and Simpah, the horrible Cafeteria Monster, has been put in charge of the students.

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