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Good Morning America Health airs on the national channel ABC and aims to give viewers an up-to-date look at medical advice, fitness tips, and wellness information for living a more healthy lifestyle. Good Morning America Health is part of the Good Morning America show which is shown at 7 am every morning across the U.S. The specific show, Good Morning America Health, is the third hour of the broadcast.

On the show the hosts explore health related topics. Some previous topics that the show has explored include the benefits of gardening, detecting teen depression, workout ideas for busy moms, and back-to-school vaccinations. Topics for shows are designed to be relevant to both individuals and whole families, and people of all ages. Along with general information about topics, practical advice is often given so that viewers can make lifestyle changes.

Medical professionals from many different disciplines are often interviewed by the hosts of Good Morning America Health. Some doctors and health professionals are regular contributors to the show and make frequent contributions. The interviews give viewers professional perspectives and advice on a wide range of issues and topics that exist within the field of health. The show often looks at cutting edge research in the medical field that viewers should be aware of, and explains this research in a way that is succinct and understandable. This includes coverage of current health headlines, as well as exploring myths about common health practices.

Good Morning America Health is designed to educate and inform viewers about all things health related while still being entertaining. The show can be viewed each morning on ABC.

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