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When you sit down in the comfort of your easy chair and turn on the news, you expect to be informed about the days events around the world. With the American Broadcasting Network, that is exactly what happens. Now, there are those news stories that demand extra investigation and information. That is the purpose of ABC News Specials.

These special programs, anchored by Barbara Walters, or one of the other news anchors, delves deeper into some news stories. They can be political in nature, news from the entertainment world, human interest, or the fashion industry. Basically the sky's the limit on topics covered. If the subject covered is an individual in politics, religion, entertainment, etc., the questions many times are hard hitting. And, in many cases the subject is considered controversial. Subjects like same-sex marriage, or busing for racial balance.

No matter what the subject is for the ABC News Special, it is always current and topical. These specials do not come around frequently, though. Only a handful of times each year, when the American Broadcasting Network deems it necessary. But, they are produced with only one thing in mind, to inform the viewer.

The word NEWS is derived from the directions North, East, West and South. You can be assured that ABC News Specials do not have any limitation on where in the world the news subject is located. The person my be a dignitary from a Middle Eastern country, or a film star from Hollywood. These News Specials have been produced for many, many years. They always receive fairly good ratings.

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  • Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump met for the third and final time at UNLV.

  • Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump sparred at Washington University in St. Louis.

  • 2016 Vice Presidential Debate; Vice Presidential candidates Sen. Tim Kaine and Gov. Mike Pence met at Longwood University in Farmville, Va.

  • First Presidential Debate: Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump meet at Hofstra University.

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Barbara Walters Names Steve Jobs 'Most Fascinating Person of 2011'

Why anyone cares who Barbara Walters thinks is the most fascinating person of the year is anyone's guess, but it's hard to argue with the veteran interviewer's accuracy this year. For the first time ever, she chose someone who actually is no longer alive - Apple founder and all-around genius Steve Jobs.

ABC News Hires Elizabeth Smart As Commentator

The ABC Network has announced that twenty-three year kidnap victim Elizabeth Smart has signed on as a contributor with the news group. The Utah native, who miraculously returned home to her parents after being held hostage for eight months, will voice her knowledge about missing persons cases.

VIDEO: Baby Talk YouTube Hit Is More Than Babble; Viral Video May Show Secret Twin Language Called 'Idioglossia'

A YouTube viral video hit has what Diane Sawyer calls “the sweet mystery of the universe.” The video shows twin toddlers going back and forth in what sounds like a complicated debate of baby talk. "ABC News" ran a story on video that explained the babies are absolutely communicating. Simply put, linguist D. Kimbrough Oller of the University of Memphis, says the children are likely communicating “about perhaps the fun of having a conversation.

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